the travelled road


I’m Tan, a Brit in my thirties and living in Australia.

This blog started life as a way to write and share all the incredible camping spots I discovered within weekend driving distance from Sydney. As well as some epic road trips taken in New South Wales and Queensland. My love of camping then led me to drive all the way around Australia last year on a ‘Lap of Aus’ and I continued writing about my experiences and sharing my travel itineraries.

Keep reading to learn what I’ve discovered when it comes to planning a camping weekend or road trip, and the best places to go in Australia.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying camping for the first time, or are already sold on everything camping life has to offer. If I can inspire your next camping trip or help you plan more trips away then I’m happy!

Tan x


Why camping?



I feel it’s impossible not to have a love affair with nature when you live in Australia. The vast beaches, far-reaching ocean, intriguing flora and exotic bird song is both infectious and restorative. And camping allows me to experience all of this. Regularly. Not only is it pretty cheap (I often spend less on a weekend camping than I do having dinner and drinks in one night), but with so many great places to explore within a few hours drive of the Sydney, it can all be booked at short notice. Providing the perfect way to frequently leave the daily grind of 9-5 working life firmly behind.

This pursuit of getting my camping fix regularly has led me beyond the most talked about (and booked up places) to go camping in NSW.  And helped me unearth some of the most incredible campsites right by the beach. Camping has also allowed me to enjoy different types of weekends away. From hidden gems where you take everything in with you (food and drink) and don’t leave the surrounds the whole time, to places which make a great base for exploring the local area. Plus seaside villages where you can still enjoy the convenience of a nearby cafe, or local pub for dinner in the evening (particularly great for when the days are shorter during the winter months).

To enjoy camping in Australia, you don’t always have to be roughing it on a remote beach far from anywhere and anyone. It just needs to be accessible and no hassle to organise so you. can. get. away. This has been my guiding star and I’m so grateful camping has given me the opportunity to get out and explore so many incredibly beautiful places in Australia.