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Seal Rocks Camping: Best Places to Camp, See and Go

Only 3.5 hours drive North of Sydney, a weekend camping in Seal Rocks offers the perfect opportunity to escape city life and submerge yourself in beautiful, natural surroundings.

When it comes to camping, you’re spoilt for choice in Seal Rocks. Come here if you want to camp next to a beach and simply relax, swim or surf. You have three camping ground options, including the infamous Treachery Camp, and all of them are right by a beach.

Read on for my Seal Rocks camping guide.


Where: Mid North Coast, NSW, Australia

Getting there: 3 hrs 30 mins drive North of Sydney.

Camping Seal Rocks, NSW


Where to camp in Seal Rocks

In Seal Rocks you’re spoilt for choice for not only beaches but campsites right next to a beach. So no wonder it’s one of my favourite places to spend a relaxing weekend away from Sydney.

Seal Rocks is situated on a headland with open and sheltered beach sides. So you have the option to either camp next to the open and rugged Treachery and Submarine beaches, or next to the more sheltered Number One Beach (and yes that’s it’s name). I’ve camped both sides and it’s hard to decide which is better; they offer very different experiences.

No matter where you do end up camping though, you’ll be planning a trip back to Seal Rocks again soon.


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Seal Rocks, NSW
Boat Beach


Treachery Camp

Treachery Camp is a popular choice amongst campers and I’ve often heard others refer to it as their favourite in NSW. It’s not hard to see why with this independently-run campsite tucked away off an unsealed road with virtually it’s own private beach. You feel fully submerged in bushland here with the 5-minute walk from camp to Treachery Beach taking you over the sand dunes, down the beach path and out onto the long and open (unpatrolled) beach.



Planning your stay at Treachery Camp

Treachery Camp is a well-run campsite with good facilities and even a coffee cart on site (Tim’s On Treach). You can also have campfires (check first if there is a fire ban) on the ground at your camp spot. Firewood is $16 per bag from the office.

To get there, drive the road into Seal Rocks, turn right at the general store, past Single Fin coffee and drive 5-minutes down an unsealed road (2WD is fine). Unless you book a cabin or surf shack you’ll be booking an unmarked and unpowered camping spot. Bookings are essential and you will need to book at least one month, possibly more, over peak periods. However the camping area is huge and branches off into plenty of secluded spots among the trees for privacy.


Treachery Camp, Seal Rocks, NSW
Lovers’ Lane camping area


I pitched my tent in ‘Lover’s Lane’ on the far side of the campground in what I thought was a good spot depending on your priorities. Camping here is a compromise between a longer (one minute) walk to the amenities block, and more privacy closer to the beach track. For me, being by a beach track and feeling out of the way wins every time.

If you’re travelling up from Sydney on a Friday afternoon, arrive as early as possible to get a good area. You will also need to factor in arrival before 9pm when the camp gates shut on a Friday night (7pm every other day of the week).

Campsite details: From $35/night (unpowered site), 166 Thomas Road, Seal Rocks NSW 2423, (02) 4997 6138.

Tip: Set up a camp chair in the sand dunes for sundowners.


Treachery Beach, Seal Rocks, NSW
The beach path to Treachery Beach


Treachery Beach, Seal Rocks, NSW
Treachery Beach


Seal Rocks Reflections Holiday Park

Another option is to camp at Seal Rocks Reflections Holiday Park. Perfectly located at the heart of Seal Rocks, this campsite is opposite Number One Beach.

When I first visited Seal Rocks the campsite looked tired and not that appealing but in recent years it’s had a complete revamp. As a result all the facilities are new and modern looking. Both powered sites and cabins are on offer with some cabins having amazing beach-front views and balconies, complete with seating and BBQs to enjoy it. I’m really tempted to go back and book a cabin for the weekend with friends.

The powered  sites (no unpowered available) are a good size and none are far from the amenities block. There are sheltered benches and BBQs dotted around the site and the best camp kitchen I’ve seen complete with ocean views and seating out the front to enjoy a sundowner or two.


Reflections Holiday Park Seal Rocks, NSW
The campsite is opposite Number One Beach


Although it doesn’t have the rugged charm of Treachery Camp and the feeling of properly camping in the bush, I’d recommend this option if you’re after convenience, modern facilities and enjoying ocean views from the communal areas. Here you’re even closer to the beach (a one minute walk away) and only 10 minutes walk from the general store and Single Fin coffee.

An added bonus is that Number One Beach is popular among day visitors and you’ll see a lot of people rocking up here in their campervans and enjoying the view. This gives the whole area a really relaxed beach vibe during the day, but you still get the beach to yourself in the mornings and evenings.

Campsite details: From $44/night (powered site), Kinka Rd, Seal Rocks NSW 2423, (02) 4997 6164.


Number One Beach, Seal Rocks, NSW
Number One Beach at sunrise


Yagon Campground

There is a third choice to camp by Submarine Beach further along from Treachery Beach. This is Yagon Campground run by the National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS) and is somewhere I’m yet to camp. You will need to take your own drinking water when camping here.

Campsite details: From $17.43/night (unpowered site), Yagon Road, Yagon NSW 2423, (02) 6591 0300. Book at



Things to do in Seal Rocks

The beauty of spending a weekend in Seal Rocks is the chance to relax and enjoy what is around you. A lot of the area is Myall Lakes National Park and apart from the store and coffee cart, there isn’t much to do other than head to the numerous beaches, get out on the water and take a walk to Sugarloaf Lighthouse.

Here’s a list of everything you can do in a weekend.


Spend time at Number One Beach

This is the place to be in Seal Rocks so park up (if you’re not camping at Seal Rocks Reflections Holiday Park across the road) and spend the day relaxing, swimming in the sheltered sections, or surfing in the bay. Others will have the same idea with the best parking spots dotted along the road overlooking the beach. Everyone pulls up, gets their camp chairs out and boils up a hot drink, it’s brilliant!

If there are no space along the beach front, there’s a large car park with public toilets in between Number One and Boat Beach.


Number One Beach, Seal Rocks, NSW
Number One Beach


Have a coffee overlooking Boat Beach

Grab a coffee from Single Fin coffee cart cart and enjoy it sitting on the grassy headland overlooking Boat Beach. It’s a popular pastime in Seal Rocks and a great place to simply sit and watch the world go by. Also great for spotting dolphins.

Just next to the coffee cart is Seal Rocks General Store and Post Office where you can stock up on anything you may have forgotten to bring.


Single Fin Coffee, Seal Rocks, NSW
Grab a coffee and a pastry from Single Fin Coffee


Boat Beach, Seal Rocks, NSW
The view of Boat Beach


Walk to Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse

Walk 700m from car park to Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse and be rewarded with a stunning view of the headland and out over Lighthouse Beach.


Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse, Seal Rocks, NSW
Views from Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse


Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse, Seal Rocks, NSW
Walk up to Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse to get great views of the area


Drive onto Lighthouse Beach

If you’re set up for it, drive onto Lighthouse Beach for the day. You will need a Port Macquarie-Hastings, Nambucca and Kempsey Beach Driving permit to do this.


Lighthouse Beach, Seal Rocks, NSW
The view of Lighthouse Beach from the lighthouse


Check out Treachery Beach

Even if you’re not staying at Treachery Camp it’s worth checking out Treachery Beach. Either for surfing or for a walk along this beautiful, open and rugged ocean-side beach.


Treachery Beach, Seal Rocks, NSW
Treachery Beach


I hope this guide helps you plan your next camping weekend away at Seal Rocks. It’s one of my favourite places to visit from Sydney when I need time to relax and feel a million miles away from the city.


Happy camping!